Sunday, July 6, 2008

{wading pools}

Edmonton Legislature building.
City hall building - Edmonton.
Wading pools are a summer must for kids. Two of Edmonton's favorites are the legislature & city hall ones (these pictures don't do justice). Here's a list of neighborhood wading pools for all of you Edmonton moms (there are others on the west side too):
9210 – 118 Avenue (Alberta Avenue)
12037 – 43 Street (Beacon Heights)
11803 – 86 Street (Eastwood)
12505 – 75 Street (Elmwood Park)
108A Avenue & 95 Street (Giovanni Caboto)
13325 – 89 Street (Glengarry)
112 Avenue – 62 Street (Highlands)
8720 – 130A Avenue (Killarney)
103 Avenue – 114 Street (Kitchener Park)
5920 – 119 Avenue (Montrose)
10844 – 117 Street (Queen Mary Park)
9231 – 100 Avenue (Riverdale)

39A Avenue 120 Street (Aspen Gardens)
73 Avenue – 79 Street (Avonmore)
92 Avenue – 93 Street (Bonnie Doon)
9411 – 97 Avenue (Cloverdale)
65 Avenue – 111 Street (Ellingson Park)
102 Avenue & 81 Street (Forest Heights)
105 Avenue & 46 Street (Gold Bar)
38 Avenue & 114 Street (Greenfield)
87 Avenue & 71 Street (Kenilworth)
77 Avenue & 87 Street (King Edward Park)
51 Avenue & 123 Street (Lansdowne)
57 Avenue & 113A Street (Lendrum)
76 Avenue & 112 Street (McKernan)
93A Avenue & 59 Street (Ottewell)
73 Avenue & 108 Street (Queen Alexandra)
78 Avenue & 98 Street (Ritchie)
86 Avenue & 102 Street (Strathcona)
96 Avenue & 90 Street (Strathearn)
Three hours and my sister + family will be here. :)
I'm still feeling awesome even though I was too excited to sleep last night (went to bed at around 2am). I keep waiting to crash and feel like my normal self (no energy...) but so far so good. Hope this lasts. I seem to be even breathing easier (I have allergy related breathing problems, can barely breath in the summer). Could just a few doses of oriental herbs and bunch of acupuncture needles really work this fast and this well... I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. I don't want to go back to looking for suitable meds... I'm not even tired in the morning when I wake up like I usually am. I'm being cautiously hopeful...
Did tons of cleaning yesterday and yet didn't get everything done. I discovered I have a great little carpet cleaner. I can't believe I haven't used it before. It's so handy and carpets smell great afterwards. Got rid of some stains I couldn't get rid of before. I normally just use Oxyclean when the cats puke up hairballs (which happens quite a bit, sad to say). I had some weird looking dark spots on the carpet that Oxyclean didn't seem to get rid off. Turns out they were Africa's black fur deeply imbedded into the carpet. The wee carpet cleaner got them right off. I'll be using that baby a lot from now on. Should listen to my dear hubby more often. He kept wondering when I was going to try out the new cleaner and I was stuck using Oxyclean thinking it was doing it's thing. And it does work magic but I guess there are some things that need a powerbrush carpet cleaner, not just me rubbing with a cloth. :) I sure was dripping in sweat yesterday. Thunderstormy humid hot weather. Thank goodness it's cooler today.
I should be napping but guess who's too excited to almost to sit still and write this... I'm all bouncy bouncy. Giddy. I'm sure I'll crash later when I've stayed up until the wee hours of the night chatting with my family. I'll be the one jet lagged. :)
So, I don't know how much I'll be writing here for the next little while. I'm sure I'll find some time to sneak in here every once in awhile. It seems like everyone's in the vacation mood anyways. Who wants to read my blog when they can be out enjoying the summer. :)
I'll do another quick posting here now and then adios for now. :)


  1. Enjoy your time with sis'!

    how funny to revisit Edmontons legislature building on this pic' - passed by it, took a couple of pics too (a very lmong time ago) ;o)

  2. thanks for the park info! can't wait to check them out!


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