Thursday, October 16, 2008

{the dude from Edmonton is touched}

Good things do happen to good people at times and there are many good people out there still.
Yesterday Jay got a call from the constable that took the crime report for Jay's stolen goods. It was a weird phone call. He asked Jay to call someone at 7am this morning. Gave the person's phone number and name. We kept wondering if it was the thief but that would have been weird.
Turns out it was Ace Burpee from the Hot 103 Radio Station in Winnipeg. The constable had felt so bad for Jay and had contacted the radio station to see if there was something they could do for him. (!!!)
This Ace guy put the word out and after interviewing Jay this morning told him that he will get a new iPod from them and also a new Star Wars Boba Fett figure. (!!!)
Jay had purchased a Boba Fett figure for his brother for his birthday (he's a huge Boba Fett/Star Wars fan). He had got it signed at the toy show by the guy who played Boba Fett in the movie. This new figure probably won't have the signature on it but isn't this the nicest thing ever? To think that the constable would go out of his way to contact the radio station and that they would get anything for Jay. Very, very nice and our hearts sure were warmed by this and it made a bad thing quite a bit better.
Here's what Ace wrote in his blog about this:
Dude from Edmonton that got broken into at Comic Con...
Tue, 2008-10-14 11:15.
Ace Burpee:
My wish is to help someone else. I am a Constable for the Winnipeg Police Service and yesterday I went to a call outside of the Convention Centre that really bothered my partner and I. We met with a gentleman visiting from Edmonton taking in the festivities at the Comic Con.

The gentleman left his vehicle, a GMC van, parked near Edmonton Street/York Avenue thinking it was safe. In the vehicle he left his suitcase which contained a laptop, MP3 player, clothing and a signed 300th Edition Star Wars "Boba Fett" figurine still in it's packaging, a gift he purchased for his brother.

He came out of the convention to find someone smashed the front passenger window of his vehicle and stole his suitcase.
When we met him approximately 30 minutes after it happened he was terribly upset as you could imagine, and was looking for anyone to help him out.

We searched through dumpsters in the area and found his suitcase and clothing mixed in between the garbage - however everything else was gone. He was left with a Police report number, a garbage bag on his passenger side door, where a window once was and a image of Winnipeg that will likely be ruined for life.

We provided the gentleman with the report number, but he was not aware of the serial number on his laptop and with no witnesses in the area the odds of recovering the property or finding who did this crime is very small.

My wish is to show him that this city really is AWESOME. I would love if you could phone this gentleman up, tell him that the we will cover his deductible or if you could, purchase him a new laptop, MP3 player and somehow if you can find a "Boba Fett" figurine that would be amazing.

I have the gentleman's particulars and would provide them if this wish could be granted.

Update on the dude from Edmonton who had his stuff stolen...
Wed, 2008-10-15 18:19.
There is an e-mail a few posts back detailing the unfortunate weekend a dude from Edmonton experienced in our city. Apparently he's phoning us tomorrow on the show so we can tell him we've been able to replace some of his stuff... including the Boba Fett action figure that he had purchased for his brother. We'll make this right yet.
Huge thanks to Ace Burpee/Hot 103 Radio Station and to the kind constable who made this happen.
Lots of love to you from us! What goes around, comes around. We hope you'll receive many blessings yourself for this kind deed.


  1. Wau! Ihan huippu juttu! Ihania ihmisiä. Tosi mahtavaa. Olen iloinen puolestanne.

  2. Voi miten ihana juttu!! Huippua!! Miten kilttejä ihmisiä.

    Tällaisista tapauksista tulee aina hyvä mieli ja sitä jaksaa taas uskoa, että maailmassa on myös aidosti ihania, toisia ajattelevia ja epäitsekkäitä ihmisiä. Hyvä niin.

  3. Wau, vähänkö cool juttu! Tosi hienoa että "the dude from Edmonton" sai osan tavaroistaan takaisin!! *taputtaa* :))

  4. Aivan mahtava juttu! Uskomaton kaanne! :))

    Mukavaa viikonloppua teille - tallaisen asian jalkeen on varmasti hyva aloittaa viikonloppuilu.

    Sienna on muuten tosi sode tuossa videossa - ustkomattoman kauan pystyy hyorimaan ympyraa ennenkuin putoaa... ;)

  5. Noh, koettelemuksia teillä on ollut matkanne varrella, joten on aika saada siunauksiakin. =D
    Hieno juttu. Hatunnosto ja kumarrus pollarille. Ei tommosia kaikkien eteen satukaan.


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