Tuesday, August 31, 2010

{finland, day 10, kajaani}

day 10 of our trip.
first we visited kajaani's old wood church.
this church is special for our family. many of the family weddings happened here, etc. i was confirmed to the lutheran church in this church when i was 15. i'm no longer lutheran but of course these memories mean a lot to me.
the graves of the soldiers who died in the war. we visited my grandma's older brother's grave who was 25 years old when he died during the last part of the war. i have always felt close to him for some reason. i have always been interested about his life and love to look at his pictures. he played the violin and won many speed skating competitions. there were newspaper articles about him wondering how on earth did he do that with such old skates. he was handsome and i'm sure many girls were sad when he didn't come back from the war.
war is such a waste. such a terrible thing. i hope finland will never have to be a part of a war again. or any other country, of course.


across the church is my old kindergarten. little bit further ahead is one of the elementary schools i attended.
then we visited my grandma. Y
this was probably the last time i'll see her in this life. i know i'll see her again one day and she will be her beautiful, young self then. no more alzheimers or other physical ailments.
it will be a great reunion, for sure. Y
in my grandma's apartment, i found things that i had made and given to her.
this walrus, for example. done by scraping.

a butterfly tablerunner. my first attempt at embroidery.
an angel wreath made out of wood.
is this called needlepoint? i made this when i was 15 or so.
after visiting with my grandma, we went to my uncle's place to visit with him and his wife, my cousin and her two children. my cousin lives in holland so it was great that we were in finland at the same time.
jay has wanted my uncle's rocking chair ever since he first sat on it 15 years ago. we joked a lot about how we'd come and snatch it from them. :)
we ended the day by taking my uncle + wife + my cousin + kids out to eat.
i spotted this in a shop's window. cute.
not the most exciting day to tell about here in my blog but this day meant a lot to me personally.


  1. Oletpas sinä käsistäs kätevä!

  2. kiitos. vanhoja töitä nuo kaikki. harmi vaan että räpellän aina vähän sitä ja vähän tätä. missään en tule TOSI hyväksi. ai mikä tämän blogin nimi olikaan... :D


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