Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{bunnies, easter eggs and a lamb}

Yarn + glitter glue.

Lamb coloring page + cotton balls.

Crayon + watercolors.

Kids love making shaving cream pictures!
We made ours a bit differently but here are the “official” instructions on how to do it:

Mix equal amounts of non-mentholated shaving cream and white paint together.
Spread the mixture on thick paper.
Drip food coloring or tempera/acrylic paint on the shaving cream mixture.
Use a craft stick to swirl the colors.
Let dry completely.
Optional: cut out into a heart, an Easter egg, shamrock…

These pictures are details of an Easter egg Sienna made at school. First you draw something with crayons and then paint over it with watercolors.

I find that cheap crayons work the best for this technique. You know the kind that kind of crumble when you color with them.

When Sienna cut out the yarn/glitter glue bunny out, she then used the “leftover pattern” as a stencil to make this bunny. I held the stencil in place and Sienna painted with glitter watercolors.

These were made with acrylic paint and dental floss. We folded the cardstock paper egg in half and then placed the floss, which had been dipped in paint, inside. We pressed on the paper and then pulled the floss out.

Next time we won’t fold the paper in half. I think it’ll look nicer that way. Just place another piece of cardstock paper on top and then pull.

Please feel free to leave a link in the comments to any Easter/spring crafts you have made.

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