Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{flowers, chicks, bunnies... easter/spring fun}

One of the simplest crafts I’ve ever made. But oh so cute, don’t you think? Just cut out a flower from scrapbook paper and then bend the petals up.

Sorry about the copyright text on each photo. Many people share other people’s ideas on their blogs etc. It’s nice to know that if anyone shares one of my photos, people know the source of the photo.

Cut out this quote from a magazine and I just had to doodle around it. J

This time I used stickers. The chick idea itself is from a crafts book I have.

Rolled up tissue paper glued on a cardstock bunny. I love how this photo looks photoedited.

More to come. We’ve been busy. J

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  1. Toi tipukortti oli kiva! Voisin joskus koittaa samanmoista, naytti helpolta :)

    Fonttiin en osaa sanoa muuta, kuin etta ei teksti ihan samalta nayta kuin nuo pinkit tekstit kuvissa, mutta lukeminen onnistuu :)


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