Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{a gift for a friend, bunnies and tulips}

remember this ?
i made another one for a friend of mine. she likes navy blue.

i didn't have very much time to make this. otherwise i would have done nicer stuff on the inside.

then couple of easter pictures. i don't know why but i'm addicted to photo editing pictures into coloring pencil drawings.

sienna got lots of easter loot as usual. the small chocolate eggs were for an easter egg hunt at home. lots of chocolate from her grandparents too. (which means someone - no names mentioned - is eating way too much junk) i also bought her two primary music cd's. the ones produced by clive romney. i found some older ones we didn't have yet. such beautiful music. 

our front entrance closet doors keep being the art gallery in our house.

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