Thursday, September 24, 2009

{sneek peek to my inspiration journal}

so... i mentioned earlier that i've been racking my brain trying to come up with an idea for an enrichment class project to teach. my church calling at the moment is enrichment committee member and we each need to teach atleast one class to the women in our ward. the topic can be almost anything and everything, from spiritual to homemaking skills to fitness to crafts.
obviously i got this idea from the energy journal class i took when heidi swapp came to edmonton. i love the idea of having a little book in which to collect ideas and things that make you happy.
i didn't want to copy the book as is so i changed it quite a bit.
this book will be more of an inspirational book in which you record your goals, dreams, ideas, favorite quotes, etc.
i've been working on some graphics that the women can use. topics such as ideas, things i want to make, books to read, projects to finish, goals, new recipes to try, how can i be a better wife/mother/friend, etc.
this first picture is the front cover. the book will have 3 rings holding it together.
i haven't done much of the embellishing yet but here's a sample of things to come.
on this page i'm going to glue black and white pictures of each of our family members.
first i thought i'd stick to a color theme but then decided to use whatever paper i felt like. mainly earthy colors but some bursts of brighter colors as well. each person will choose their own paper for the project. everyone has a different taste. the graphics i'll supply will be off-white color that'll go with any color people choose.
having so much fun with this project. :)


  1. I am excited for this class!!! Definately going to take it. You will be a great teacher!

  2. Hyvältä vaikuttaa! Mä en sais enää mitään tämmösiä tehtyä. Ei riitä keskittymiskyky.

  3. i love the paper that you have used! Can't wait to see the finished project! great idea.

  4. I'd come take the class, but since i live so far away, well Christmas is coming and it would be a great gift. I can't wait to see the finished project!

  5. leah: thanks leah!

    suvi: mihin sun keskittymiskyky on havinnyt?

    jenn: thanks!

    connie: this is really easy to make. if you want, i can explain to you how to make it. call me?


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