Wednesday, September 16, 2009


can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tulirokko on melkeen ohi. iho kutisee viela vahan. angiinakin alkaa olla jo melkeen ohi. energia on tosi alhainen viela tanaan. nyt kai tuntuu nuo nukuttomat yot sitten. eikohan se tasta taas...
varsinkin kun eras ystava toi juuri mulle tan illan paivallisen jaateloineen ja kaikkineen! vei siennan leikkipuistoon oman pikkutyton kanssa (hanella on vauva mukana myos).
maanantaina eras toinen tuttu tuli tyttonsa kanssa ja haki siennan leikkarille myos.
lauantaina jayn aiti vei siennan jumppatunnille.
mahtava kun on niin ihania ihmisia meidan elamassa. saa apua kun sita tarvitsee. Y
slowly recouperating from strep throat and scarlet fever. can see the light at the end of the tunnel finally. getting there. few good night sleeps and hopefully i'm back to normal again.
so grateful for some wonderful people in our lives who have helped while i've been sick. jay's mom took sienna to a gym class on saturday.
a friend and her little girl took sienna to the playground on monday.
today another friend with a little girl and a baby came to take sienna to the playground. she also brought a lovely dinner for us.
it's hard to accept such kindness at times. you think you should be able to just do it all yourself. "we'll manage". but today i actually really appreciated the supper and i'm trying not to think that it was a hardship for her (she has her own family to feed). she will be blessed for her service and maybe i can even return the favor one day when she is sick.
little acts of kindness are what makes this world such a wonderful place to be.


  1. You are so right (last sentence). I'm glad you have good friends up there in E. to help you out. I hope you're on the mend. And those "New Moon" ads got me even more excited, can't wait!

  2. Täällä yksi malttamaton odottaa myös tuoreinta elokuvaa! :)

  3. why is she in the arms of jacob on the new moon poster? and not edward?

  4. amy: all better. energy still not 100% but when is it with me anyways... :)

    johanna: aivan ihanaa kaikki twilight:n liittyva. ah! <3 :)

    connie: you have to read the books connie! i'm finishing what i'm reading now and then i'll start them for the FOURTH time. love, love, love twilight! :)


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