Tuesday, September 8, 2009

{pari kirjaa seka tv ohjelma}

ok, i've been meaning to tell more about this book and the treatment for fibromyalgia. basically what happens with people who have fibromyalgia is that their kidneys don't get rid of extra phosphate like other people's do. it then accumulates in their bodies and causes all sorts of symptoms. main ones are muscle pain (painful nodules in muscles) and fatigue. i have suffered from this illness since i was young.
they haven't found a cure yet but this doctor in california has finally found something that helps the symptoms by removing the excess phosphate from your body. the treatment is without side effects but what makes it complex is that you can't use any plant products on your skin and herbal teas/pills are prohibited too. all plants have a substance that blocks the medicine from working. you can eat plants but any concentrated amount will stop the treatment from working. it's a bit of a pain to try to find products without plant oils and extracts. i've been slowly changing the products that i use so that i can start the treatment.
you really need to read this book before you even consider starting the treatment.
i know this treatment works as a friend of mine has been on it for few months now and i can see the change in her face. she looks less tired and worn out. the treatment at times is painful as the phosphate leaves your body but the pain is not constant. fibromyalgics are used to pain anyways. eventually fibromyalgia symptoms disappear as phosphate levels become regular. that is worth any sacrifice in favorite skin products in my opinion.
so, if you have fibromyalgia or know someone who has it - this is THE book to read.
i've been reading many books as usual but haven't been able to recommend any of them as they weren't that great and had the usual garbage in them. this one is finally a book i totally enjoyed and can recommend. fun romantic novel that was exactly what the doctor ordered for me this past week. you do need to be somewhat of a jane austen fan to enjoy it though. you should atleast have read pride and prejudice & sense and sensibility before reading this one.
then i gotta rave about this tv show a bit. i love mr monk! what a fun, clean show. mr monk is so funny with his quirks, ocd and phobias. the dumb guy is hilarious too. i've always loved "who did it" detective stuff. mr monk is the best detective ever. more clean shows like this for me please.


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  2. best shows: i'm not sure which posting you are talking about. the only dollhouse posting i remember doing was about how to make a dollhouse for calico critters toys. i probably will decline the invitation to write about tv shows. i do it very rarely on my blog. i don't really have an interest to write more than that about tv shows. thank you for asking though.


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