Wednesday, September 23, 2009

{me lovey}

lately i have enjoyed many good hair days thanks to this wonderful product. i love it! my hair is silky smooth. i'm not complaining about alberta's harder than hard water and that is a miracle! :)
another thing i'm in love with nowadays is mineral makeup.
i got mine from shoppers drug mart but i think i'll try other brands too. i love how easy it is to brush on my face. so fast. and my skin is loving it. foundation and powder in one product. love it! if you haven't tried it yet, you should. :)
i have a good feeling about today. i'm in a super good mood. i got lots done yesterday (vacuuming, washed the floor, biked for over half an hour...). it feels good to have some energy again.
today i have to shop for some crafts products. i finally figured out what i'm going to teach for my enrichment class. my version of the energy journal. more of a spiritual kind since it's a church crafts class. wish me luck. i have no idea yet how it's going to look. :)


  1. Kiva, kun sulla on niin paljon energiaa! :)

    Joo hiustuotteet tekee ihmeitä, kun niihin jaksaa panostaa. Redken on ihana, mulla on niiden hiuksiin jätettävä hoitoaine, tekee takkutukasta silkin pehmeän ihan tosta vaan :) Loving it too.

  2. Mullakin on oitain Redkenin tuotteita ja tyytyväinen olen ollut. Toinen hyvä merkki on Tigi!

    Mukavaa päivää!

  3. olen kayttanyt muitakin redkenin tuotteita aiemmin mutta tama on ehdottomasti mun lemppari.

  4. Takkutukka kiittaa tasta vinkista!


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