Wednesday, September 2, 2009

{distraction is the name of the game}

moroccan style party by amy atlas.
i needed some distraction today so i was browsing the web. once again admired amy atlas' work. she has the most fun job ever. love the parties she creates. she must have clients who have a limitless budget for their parties.
some people have too much time in their hands. :)

this would actually be a fun activity with kids.


  1. Niin paljon olisi taas pientä kommentoitavaa pitkästä aikaa, mutta sanotaanko nyt vain, että tuollaisia välipalaleipiä tehtailisin mielelläni ihan milloin vaan ;D

    Pahoitteluni Spicen johdosta :( Tiedän miltä tuntuu menettää lemmikki ja vielä kissa ;(

    Voiksuja sinne lammikon taakse.

  2. I wish I had time to do that!!!


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