Friday, September 4, 2009

{muutama idis}

fun drawing idea for kids. trace their hand and make it into an octopus. could have made ours a bit nicer but oh well. i don't like crayons. i prefer markers or coloring pencils. crayon crumbs are icky. :)

i made a family home evening temple game. the idea is from the august 2009 friend magazine (lds kids' magazine).
non lds families could make whatever other theme they want. it could be about house rules or a season of the year. or whatever. the idea is to count the number of the words and that's how many paces you move towards the goal. you could just write numbers on the game pieces too. if you have older kids, they can easily draw their own game. decorate the game board and everything. if the kids feel really ambitious, they could even make a poster size game.
i used some of our playdough thingys as game pieces in this picture. i thought it would be fun if everyone made their own game piece out of playdough. that's what we'll do this coming monday.
i used my 1" circle punch to do all the circles. laminated everything. you don't have laminate if you use thick cardboard. depends how long you want it to last. :)
happy friday everyone!
mulla itsellani on karseetakin karseampi olo tanaan. on kuin olisi vatsassa solmu. pinna kireella. taidan olla paljon stressaantuneempi kuin luulinkaan. huh.
lapsenvahti kun sienna menee nukkumaan ja sitten leffaan. eikohan se tasta taas...


  1. Hi... i am mother mexican, i love your blog!! me topé con el por casualidad y está muy linda me gusta tu forma de ver la vida yo también soy una mamá bloguera...


  2. Moi Sansku!
    Toivottavasti sulla on jo parempi olo!

  3. rubicita: gracias! i don't speak spanish...

    tiina: kiitti!


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