Sunday, December 30, 2012

[new beginnings]

I love new beginnings! Each morning, each week, each month, each year… If you messed up somehow, you can start all over again and with better resolve to do better and to be better. Forgive yourself and others for misdeeds and thus give room for improvement.

One of my favorite things to do is to start a new day planner each year. This year I found the perfect one for me! So my style! Love it! J

I love to mark in the birthdays. The pages are clean, ready to be filled in with appointments or what happened that day.

This year’s wall calendar is Ireland themed. A gift from someone who knows Ireland is special to us.
Maybe if I’ll stare at this picture of Giant’s Causeway, I’ll magically get to finally visit the place. I lived so close to it, yet never had a chance to see this amazing piece of nature.

Look what a lovely thing is in my new day planner already! What a fun activity idea for kids. Print out the numbers of the new year and let children decorate them in some fun way.

If you want to see some ideas I’ve collected on Pinterest about New Year’s Eve, click here. I love the idea of interviewing your child each year and videotaping their answers.

Happiness to you all in the year 2013!

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