Friday, December 14, 2012

[what a sad day!]

(Art by David Bowman)

I feel like I have to apologize for the blog post I posted earlier today. I did it before I heard the news about the elementary school shooting in Conneticut.
I know my blog is not a serious blog but it is hard not to say anything when things like this happen.
Today I can’t even imagine posting anything on my blog ever again. Yet life has to eventually continue normally, I know that. But something like this stops you completely and it’s hard to imagine being able to just keep living life lightly and worry free.
My heart is aching so badly for anyone involved in the effects of this shooting.
Oh to be able to take anyone affected by this tragedy, or any other tragedy in the world, into your arms and comfort them!
The only solace for me on days like today is my faith.
I know those children and adults who died are ok right now. They are in the arms of the Savior and surrounded by family and friends.
I know that a day will come when all sorrow and heart ache will end. I look forward to that day with more and more eagerness the more I hear about the horrible events in our world. They have always happened and they will continue to happen until the day when all is set right.
I’m so grateful for my faith on days like this. I don’t know how people without faith can go on when things like this happen. How can you understand life and tragedy without having faith in a Supreme Being who is loving and has a plan for all of human kind? I don’t think I could find enough hope without the gospel. It is so comforting to know that it will all be made ok in the end and that one day people actually will live in peace and love.
I’m so grateful for the scriptures and the knowledge and understanding they give me about life and why things happen. I’m so grateful that I have my faith. I can’t say it enough.
May those people affected by this tragedy (and any other!) have people around them to weep with them and to share their love with them.
Nothing else than the atonement will ever heal their aching hearts completely. I’m so grateful that one day their hearts will be healed by the One who suffered all the pain and suffering of the world and has the power to heal it all and make things right.

For those of you who might get offended by this post: I’m sorry. I just had to do this.

For anyone interested in understanding the gospel (which literally means “good news”) better, I am available to share my thoughts with you. The more knowledge you have of God’s love and plan, the less anxiety and fear you will feel on days like today. Feel free to e-mail me ( 
The gospel truly is the source of peace and joy! Doesn’t take the hurt away but at least there is peace and hope!

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