Friday, March 8, 2013

[book reviews]

A story of a girl who dies for eleven minutes and comes back with some “side effects”. I found the story somewhat intriguing but wanted more out of it. The bad language drove me nuts throughout the book.
Two out of five stars.


A woman arrives in Canada after Second World War and marries into the Kramer family. Turns out she isn't who she claims to be. The book is written by her daughter's perspective whom the woman abandons when she is a baby.

I found this book utterly boring. Kept waiting for something to happen the whole time.
One out of five stars.


Vampires have taken over the world. The main characters (two girls) are being held in a “farm” where they are “kept safe” and have to donate blood regularly. The story of their escape and what happens after.

Again – a somewhat intriguing story but I wanted more out of it. Not in the same league with Hunger Games as the cover of the book claims. A good read but not great.
Some bad language throughout.
Three out of five stars.


Skip this one! Not a beautiful disaster but a complete disaster, in my opinion. I feel like the author kept trying to brainwash me into thinking that a guy who has sex with every girl around, smokes, drinks too much, is violent and volatile, is a real catch. I hope girls/women are smarter than that. The book is also R-rated. Yuck!
No stars.

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