Thursday, March 21, 2013

[last day of school and then SPRING break!!]

How can such a small flower (hyacinth) give out so much scent?

Cute lion paper craft idea for kids.

About 20cm last week.

...and today’s weather forecast promises 10 more centimeters but I have a feeling it’ll be more than that.
Tomorrow: SPRING break!! J
As we were stuck in this morning’s traffic (due to snow, some people think that you can’t drive the speed limit when it snows), Sienna and I were laughing so hard about it being SPRING break. 
“Let’s go pick some spring flowers during the break.” 
“Look at the beautiful, green spring trees!” 
“Let’s go for a spring picnic at the park tomorrow.” J

Happy Spring Break tomorrow! Maybe some of you can actually enjoy spring. We tough Canadians can wait. J

ps. This is so cool!

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