Thursday, March 28, 2013

[free printables - flowers]

Flower Project Life journaling cards (3” x 4”) and flower note cards. My Easter gift to you. I’m doing these free printables a bit differently as there are so many photos to share. If you leave your e-mail address in a comment, I will e-mail the Microsoft Word document that has 7 variations of the journaling cards, 7 lined note cards and 7 note cards with no lines. Ready for you to print on card stock! I will not post your e-mail address comment and you will not receive any kind of junk e-mail from me. J
For personal use only. Not for resale.

Happy Easter! J

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I love this botanical font by Seth Mach!

[how to use my freebies]

I get some questions about how to use my freebies as I don’t use a downloading system to share my freebies (I don’t have a clue how to do that).

Here are step-by-step instructions how you can use any of my freebies.

1. When you find a freebie you like, right click on the picture, select "save image as" and then you will get this next pop up screen and you need to decide where in your computer you want to save the photo into. Save the photo as a JPG file. That's what I use anyways as I don't have a clue what all those other kind files are. Aren't I so techno savvy? 

2. Open up a new Microsoft Word document. Click "File" and then "Page Setup". Change your Orientation to "Landscape" and make each margin 0.2". Press OK. 

3. Click "Format" and then "Columns". Choose "Three" and make the width of the column 3". Make sure the Equal column width is selected. Press OK.

4. Click "Insert", then "Picture" and then "From File". Find the freebie photo you saved earlier and double click it to insert it into the document. Press the Enter arrow and then repeat the process five more times so that you will have six 3" x 4" journaling cards on one page. Don't leave any spaces between the cards or they won't fit on the page.
Now you are ready to print the document. Just load card stock paper into your printer and then print.

ps. You can click on any of these photos to see them larger.

Hope this helps. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

[last day of school and then SPRING break!!]

How can such a small flower (hyacinth) give out so much scent?

Cute lion paper craft idea for kids.

About 20cm last week.

...and today’s weather forecast promises 10 more centimeters but I have a feeling it’ll be more than that.
Tomorrow: SPRING break!! J
As we were stuck in this morning’s traffic (due to snow, some people think that you can’t drive the speed limit when it snows), Sienna and I were laughing so hard about it being SPRING break. 
“Let’s go pick some spring flowers during the break.” 
“Look at the beautiful, green spring trees!” 
“Let’s go for a spring picnic at the park tomorrow.” J

Happy Spring Break tomorrow! Maybe some of you can actually enjoy spring. We tough Canadians can wait. J

ps. This is so cool!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

[St. Patrick's Day banner]

We used to host St. Patrick’s Day parties every year but haven’t done that for a while. Even though our home is still not done, we decided it’s time for some Irish fun. Ireland of course is special for us because we met and fell in love there.

I love this shamrock banner I made this morning. Simple is always the best! Shamrocks always remind me of eating wild shamrocks in a forest in (London)derry. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

[St. Patrick's Day Etsy shop item]

New item in my Etsy shop. St. Patrick’s Day cupcake toppers/appetizer picks.

[green March 2013 printables and some drumming]

Of course I had to add green March 2013 printables as well.
To use my printables, just right click on the printable you want, save the photo as a JPG file to your computer. Then you can import them to a Microsoft Word document and print them. Easy!
I should probably learn how to use a downloading service. I don’t have much patience to learn technical stuff. Something I need to work on.

And here’s an amazing video of The Top Secret Drums Corps from Switzerland. All I can say is “W.O.W.”!!

Monday, March 11, 2013


World Map by Knock. $25USD. Available here.


Gotta love cute GIFs! This one is by William Wegman. I found it here.

[a bit of this & a bit of that]

An evening in downtown with friends: The Finnish a cappella group Rajaton's concert.

Sielu huokaisi kuunnellessa taas suomeksi musiikkia. Jussi on edelleen ihan jees. J

Some more pictures of our new home. This one shows our white laminate flooring. Wide planks. So easy to keep clean.

Africa’s new morning spot is on the love-seat in the dining area. He can recharge his solar energy in the morning sun.

Close-up of the kitchen counter top. Laminate called “brushed aluminum”. More my style than the various granite counter tops out there.

Floor to ceiling wardrobes in the master bedroom. Four sections. Covers the wall opposite from the bed. We do have a walk-in-closet too but a chunk of it will be taken out eventually to make room for a larger bathroom.

Curtains for the family room.

A place for my rings by my kitchen desk.

Mmm! Naan pizza. I have shared the recipe previously. Me lovey!

And here are the March 2013 Project Life journaling cards. 

I just finished this book. A World War II story from a young German woman’s perspective. Adds insight to what life was like for the ordinary Germans during the war. These WWII books are hard to read but I find it’s important to remind ourselves of what happened so that history will never repeat itself. It's unfathomable to think that some people can be so evil. 
The book is well written and even though the subject matter was the horrible war, there was much beauty in the book. Reading the book made me think about what is most important in life. What would I do in such a situation? Would I have the strength to hold on to my values and morals?
Four out of five stars.

Happy Monday everyone! J