Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{free valentine's day printables}

I made some Valentine's Day printables. I made these big enough to be used in scrapbooking and crafts (you can make cards or a garland, for example).

I like to print mine on light beige scrapbooking paper that has the texture of linen. It mutes the colors a bit and I love the linen look.

I made many of them in neutral colors because I don't think guys care too much for pink. :) Plus they're my style too. ;)

I'll redo some of the colored ones as they didn't print that great on the paper I used. I'll also make some more pink stuff because I know the rest of you probably like all that girley stuff. :)

So check back later and I'll make some more for ya.


ps. I'd love to see a picture if you end up using these for scrapbooking or crafts.

See the bottom one here ^. It shows how the lighter text ones didn't turn out very well on the paper I used. They'll look fine on white paper though.

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