Friday, February 10, 2012

{more journaling tag free printables, valentines's day fonts, birdies & REAL mail}

I'm having so much fun making these journaling tags for Project Life.

Click here to find out more about Project Life scrapbooking.

Sorry, these journaling cards are no longer available as free printables. Check my Etsy shop to purchase them.
I made a new poll to see which colors I should use. 
Please vote. :) ------->

To the moon and back just isn't enough. Gotta go all the way to the eternities and back.
Which font do you like the best?

One for St. Patrick's Day too. :)


These fonts are perfect for Valentine's Day:

words of love
2peas heart's delight
heartland regular
simple hearts
love letters

Just search for "love letters free font", for example, and you'll find where to download these from.

I love our new birdfeeder. A Christmas gift for our family from me. The birds near our house sing their hearts out and it's so nice to watch them come to eat. On Sunday, one of the birds got in our house somehow. Our cat Africa had fun trying to chase it. Luckily the bird got out before Africa could get his claws on it.

I got REAL mail! Yey! So much more fun than just bills.
Thank you so much Stephanie  for your cute card and I'm not sure if you knew that I've always loved Misty Mawn's art, so of course the bookmark is a perfect one for me.
I will be mailing you a little something soon too.

Happy Friday everyone! :)


  1. So very glad you enjoyed your "real mail" ... I always love sending my correspondence art around the globe.

  2. Ihania oot tehnyt, tykkään niin noista väreistäkin!

    Tosi ihana ja moderni lintujen syöttölauta (vai mikskä sitä nyt kutsutaankin...) :)


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