Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{project life free printables! :)}

So... I've been thinking about starting a "Project Life" scrapbook album. I put all our family photos in a private family blog but I miss flipping through photo albums. Something about the Project Life really speaks to me. Seeing my favorite scrapbooker's (Ali Edwards) Project Life pages, has given me the push to get going with this project. I made some 3" x 4" tags already. Now I just need to purchase the photo sheets...

I print all my labels on light beige paper. It mutes the bright colors so the result is more to my liking.

I hope some of you can use these tags too. As always, I'd love to see photos of your project if you end up using these. Please come and leave a comment with a link to your project. Thanks! :)

I'm sharing these tags for personal use only. Not for commercial use!

Most of these journaling cards are no longer available as free printables. I'll leave some of them here.
Please go to my Etsy shop to purchase journaling cards designed by me.

I've been listening to this lately. Love the saxophone! I can't stand the music video so I'm glad I found this version instead.


  1. Mikä on toi viimeisin fontti? IHANA!

  2. Oh, why oh, why vasta tänä vuonna näin ihania kortteja PL-kansioon! :) Tein viime vuonna tuon PL:n, mutta tälle vuodelle jäi aloittamatta. Kadun kyllä jo nyt helmikuussa :D

    Laitan muutaman kortin talteen tulevia käyttöjä varten, joten KIITOS näistä!

  3. suvi: blackout. toinen samanlainen on crimescene afterimage.

    tanja: no voihan harmi. toivottavasti saat joskus kaytettya... kiva kuulla susta pitkasta aikaa.


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