Thursday, February 2, 2012

{paper craft for kids}

In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd make some crafts that kids can do.
Here's one that would be perfect for grandma.
Super easy.

4 baking cups (cupcake cups)
2" photo
some scrapbooking paper
(or the child can decorate her own paper)
a brad
small hole puncher
optional: 2" circle punch
some tape
optional: magnet

Make a simple leaf pattern and use that pattern to cut 8 paper leafs.
Punch a small hole in each leaf as shown.

Push the brad through the holes and fan the leaves into a flower shape.
Any brad will do. You won't see it once the craft is finished.

Tape the leafs together in the middle so that the leafs won't move around.

Arrange cupcake liners the way you want them and glue them one by one in the middle of the flower. I cut some of mine smaller as I didn't have various size liners.

Finish by gluing the photo in the middle. I used some tape too as the brad made a bump in the middle and glue itself wouldn't hold the photo down nicely.

If you want, you can attach a magnet on the wrong side so the decoration can be displayed on a fridge.

Done! :)

Sienna and I used this to make the above art:


  1. These are both so great... I really love your daughter's people, and I love your "rain." !!

  2. Ihania, ihania. Tuu meille askartelemaan. ♥


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