Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Tassa HIM:n versio Ikkunaprinsessasta:

Pelle Miljoonan Moottoritie on kuuma:

Ready to laugh your head off?:

And this is THE most HILARIOUS vintage Finnish music video EVER (Karly, you gotta watch this, 70's Finnish version of YMCA) (I don't think this link works anymore... Do a YouTube search with "Gregorius YMCA):

SOS! Oon niin onneton... SOS! Nainen jatti mun... miten tasta toivun?
Parhaat naurut EVER!! :)

Pet Shop Boys - you're always on my mind:

Bob Marley's no woman no cry (I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!):

Elvis & Celine Dion - if i can dream (LOVE IT!!!!):

Confession: I used to be a huge Elvis fan when I was young. Still am I guess even though I don't own his music anymore. This song brought tears to my eyes when I saw it on American Idol. Thinking that Elvis could still be alive and singing. Too bad what happened to him when he got older.

Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor - come what may:

I didn't see Moulin Rouge but this is a beautiful song.


  1. OMG miten paha toi YMCA!!!!!! Kyllä välillä ottaa pannuun myöntää olevansa suomalainen XD

  2. Minusta se on NIIIIIIINNNNNIHANA etta!!!! Me LOVEY!!!!!!!! :) Piristaa niin.


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