Wednesday, December 2, 2009

{gotta love snowflakes}

don't forget to decorate your work place as well
lace doilies as snowflakes
i just had to bling my creative notebook :)

i got rid of that pussy willow tree that we've had for a few years now. so i had to come up with another way to hang my rusty metal snowflakes this year. i like this better.

i usually make ton of white snowflakes for our front windows. this year i came up with something different. i used old ikea wrapping paper and made b-i-g ones. less work. i kept the pattern simple too and they're all pretty much cut the same way.
yep - i Y snowflakes!
just when i was complaining about our yellow wall color... today was a good wall color day. the yellow was just right and looked gorgeous in the sunlight. i guess i just have to find different light bulbs for our lights so they won't distort the wall color.
i have been so totally in the christmas mood lately. i think it's because i've loved listening to david archuleta's christmas cd. i keep listening to it over and over again and keep getting more and more in the mood. i don't remember ever being so excited about christmas. :)
i had a pretty heated discussion with "my" jehovah's witness ladies today. last time they gave me an article from one of their magazines that discussed my church. when i read it, i got so miffed. it was about 90% truth but the rest was so way off it wasn't even funny. and even though lots of it was true info, it was so twisted and out of context that it gave such a negative impression about our church. i should be used to stuff like that already but i couldn't help but feel miffed. so when they came i ended up trying to show them all the mistakes in the article and told them that some of the respect they had earned with me was lost due to the article. usually we discuss things quite calmly and nicely but today was a bit more forceful on my part and my miffyness showed. i asked them how can they feel good about a church that blackpaints other churches. they just tried to convince me that that was what our church believes and they had heard so from some other "mormons". as if i don't know what our church teaches! i'm still getting miffed thinking about our discussion. so, whatever, i guess. it's not the first time and won't be the last when people believe weird stuff about my church. but if someone thinks i won't defend my beliefs, well, they are wrong. my name sanna means "defender" and it suits me 100%. ;) so there. :)

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  1. Defender, love it.
    These other "Mormons" that they heard stuff from are likely ex members that want to blackpaint our church too and distort things as they tell it. That's one of the things I love about our church, we aren't to attack other people's beliefs.
    Love your snowflakes, we'll have to try that. We have lots of small ones on our window too.
    Great hairstyles right now, eh? I can't imaging going back to the 80's big backcombed and hairsprayed bang years.


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