Saturday, December 12, 2009

{this & that}

many bloggers have been doing "color pictures" and sienna and i did one too.
sienna was so excited when she bundled up alexandra and lamee like this. she said she had twins but not triplets. i kept wondering how on earth she knew it's called triplets.
we love pompoms! you wouldn't believe the million things you can do with pompoms.
sienna made these at playschool. they used toy cars/trucks and painted with the wheels. fun!
mellow day at home today. it's -30C outside. sienna and robin have been playing lots and i got lots of stuff done (cleaning, organizing, gift wrapping, started selling stuff on kijiji...). jay is busy busy busy studying for all his final exams. poor guy. can't wait for him to have some time to relax and breath a bit.
we loved our ward's christmas party this year. we traveled to bethlehem when jesus was born. afterwards we helped clean up and set up chairs for today and tomorrow's handel's messiah program. sienna had so much fun running between the rows of chairs and me chasing her.

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