Thursday, February 18, 2010

{lisää kuvia tältä viikolta}

(read my comment about tree pictures in the previous posting) :D
what i might do when i have some alone time.
winter walks are much more fun when you have a small camera that is easy to bring along. :)

our mall's bathrooms are so fancy nowadays.
and look what came in the mail! valentine's day goodies from wonderful & fun moon (visit her at *moon ko) who's scrapbooking and wit i enjoy so very much.
thank you so much! i can't wait to make something with all this. i think i'll copy one of your pages, moon. i think that would be very appropriate to show my gratitude for all this loveliness. plus then it's more likely that it'll be a great layout. :D


  1. Saitpa paljon erilaisia skräppijuttuja, pian nähdään, mitä niistä kehkeytyy.
    Lisää puita blogiin vain! En ollenkaan pyörittele silmiäni:-)

  2. clarissa: toivottavasti pian jaksan skrappailla. viime kerrasta onkin ihan liikaa aikaa. nyt oon kipee enka jaksa mutta odotan innolla etta jaksan ja ennatan.
    mulle ja sulle sitten aina naita puukuvia. ei muita taida kiinnostaa mutta ei se mitaan. :)

    s a n s k u :)


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