Thursday, February 18, 2010

{tämän viikon kuvasaldoa}

love, love, love these napkins i bought from ikea.
dots = of course i love them. :)
oh and maybe i should say that more than just these two came in the package. :)
move over egypt! we have pyramids too. four of them.
but instead of wrinkled, old mummies, ours have beautiful gardens in them.

the pyramids are close to downtown and close to an older neighborhood with huge trees and victorian style houses.
of course i had to take tree pictures. you can roll your eyes all you want. they will keep coming as long as i live. :)

what are you looking at?
yep, we like to visit pet stores too.
this fish was my favorite of all the cute little fishies. duh: dots! :) gotta love that bottom lip too.
enjoying having my dear husband home this week. wish he'd have time off from school more often. Y

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