Monday, October 31, 2011


my plan was to keep it simple this year but i have to admit that i almost lost my sanity doing sienna's face. i must have said "please stay still" about thousand times. the result was well worth it, i think.

we went to our church's halloween party. by the time this picture was taken, the butterfly had flown to a more peaceful place. the bouncy castle was just too much for such a delicate creature. :)

the kids decorated pumpkins.

halloween is my least favorite holiday. sienna is super sensitive and gets scared so easily. she's had nightmares and you can just tell she's all freaked out. i wish people thought of little kids when they decorate their front yards and decide what costume to wear.
when i dropped her off at school today, i saw so many freaky costumes. sigh.
can't wait for Christmas and the beautiful spirit it brings with it. 

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