Thursday, October 20, 2011

{it's raining cats & dogs but it's ok}

some stuff we've made lately...

a princess out of a toilet paper roll.

Sienna colored such a cute, happy picture at school.

another doodle sample. simple fun for simple minds. :)

i printed pumpkins on cardstock and Sienna painted them with metallic & glitter watercolors.

i just made this huge pumpkin ornament this morning.

quick instructions

cut strips out of orange poster paper.

you need:

1 strip of 2" x 12"
2 strips of 2" x 14"
2 strips of 2" x 18"
2 strips of 2" x 22"

gather the strips in this order: 22", 18", 14", 12", 14", 18", 22".

use big paperclips to hold the strips together.

make leaves out of green paper. sorry, no template. i just free cut mine.

cut a 1/2" x 6" strip out of black paper. curl it around a pencil, wait few seconds so the curl will hold.

attach it all together with the paperclips. tie a string to one of the paperclips and hang it up. easy, peasy. :)

if you want to make a smaller pumpkin, just make the strips half the size of mine.

1" = 2.54cm


  1. Ihanaa, kun sä tykkäät ja jaksat askarrella! Asuisitpa täällä, mun lapsilla olis ihana ASKARTELEVA täti :D

  2. Love the princess and also the owls and octopus on Rebecca's site. SImple yet delightful.

  3. suvi: :) ihanahan se olisi. <3

    pieces of sunshine: thank you for your comments! so often the simple things in life are the "bestest". :) thanks for visiting my blog.


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