Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{thanksgiving long weekend trip, day 4, drive home}

all good things come to an end. just to prolong our return home, we decided to take the long way home. i've always wanted to see Lake Louise. i wasn't disappointed - it was beautiful. a secluded, majestic place. a grand old hotel with much history behind it. the lake itself was more turqoise than it shows in the pictures. there were people kayaking. it was very serene.
hienoa että pysähdyttiin myös ostamaan naposteltavaa reissuun - löysin lisää salmiakkikolikoita. :)

there was even a lady dressed in a fancy, old-fashioned dress, playing the harp.

no lack of beautiful vistas, that's for sure. the above lake is the Abraham Lake where we stopped. absolutely gorgeous! it was so suprising not to see cabins and boats on the lake as we were out of the national park area. a hidden gem!

the Abraham Lake just kept going, and going, and going.
Sienna kept writing "poems". the radio was playing great music. no need to read as watching the scenary was my main occupation.

bye, bye mountains! hope to see you again soon.


  1. Your first three photos are absolutely stunning. The colour of the water is amazing and the mountains behind are majestic.

  2. Jösses mitä kuvia, nuo ekat järvikuvat on aivan mahtavia (tajunnan räjäyttävän kauniita). Miten tuo järvi voi olla noin sininen, sininen laguuni suorastaan.
    Terveisiä emämaasta:)


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