Friday, October 14, 2011

{thanksgiving weekend trip to the mountains, day 3}

we started day 3 of our trip with very sore legs (despite soaking in the hot tub the night before). so instead of going on another hard hike, we just went for a walk near downtown Canmore and checked out the boutiques on main street. had lunch. Sienna played in a playground. 
then we drove up a mountain to a nice residential area, parked and went for a lovely forest walk. we took silly photos, played hide-and-seek, etc.
then we went out to eat and decided to top off the day with a walk to the hoodoos.
my pictures don't do justice to the colorful leaves. they were bright yellow or orange. stunning scenary, for sure.


  1. Wow, wow, wow!

    Upeat maisemat! Millaistakohan on asua tuolla.. Hmm :)

    Mä niin haluaisin pohjoiseen vaeltamaan. Lämmittää kodassa kaakaota ja nukkua savun tuoksussa. Ah.

  2. tuolta loytyy paljon tosi hyvassa kunnossa olevia. patikoivat vuorilla koko ajan. tai pyorailevat vuorta ylos!! ma en astmaisena pystyisi hengittamaan savussa. :) lappi olisi kiva kokea joskus. miinus itikat. :)

  3. SO...MUCH...BEAUTY! Wow, it must have been amazing to be there in person, it's wonderful to see the photos alone.


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