Thursday, October 13, 2011

{thanksgiving weekend trip to the mountains}

this past weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada. what better way to spend it plus our anniversary than going to the mountains. the drive there was gorgeous: bright yellow, orange, brown & ochre fall colors. sydän meinasi ihan pakahtua kaikesta kauneudesta.

cute little town called Cochrane, near Calgary.

our hotel suite in Canmore was so luxurious. gas fireplace, flat screen tv's, washer & dryer, barbeque... Jay's favorite was the steam shower. you could get your feet or back massaged, even talk on the phone if you wanted to (which i actually thought was pretty silly).

Friday evening was cloudy and rainy. it didn't dampen our spirits. we went out to eat and bought some groceries so we could make our own breakfast each morning.

Saturday was sunny and gorgeous. still pretty chilly. perfect weather for hiking. we hiked up to Grassi lakes. talk about gorgeousness! i know i'm using the word gorgeous a lot but it's the perfect word to describe everything.

after our couple hour hike, we drove to Banff.
checked out the little boutiques and shops. then we met with our friends whose anniversary is only one day after ours. went out for supper.

Sienna loved going swimming at the hotel pool. the spiral water slide was her favorite. Jay and i loved the hot tub. it even went outdoors. soaking in the warm water after hiking, looking at the stars...

what a great start for our weekend trip. gotta love the mountains is all i can say.

ps. i'm absolutely in love with this song:

...then all of your friends they'd try to kill us... but only because they'd be jealous that our love is deeper than Edward & Bella's... if i were a zombie, i'd never eat your brain. i'd just want your heart, just want your heart...
love it! twisted bliss! :)


  1. Siis w-o-w mitä maisemia! Ja vielä kun tietää, että jos pääsisi katsomaan IRL olisi miljoona kertaa upeammat. Kyllä käy kateeksi ja pahasti nyt! Noi viimeiset taivaskuvat ♥

    Kylläpä kelpaisi lökötellä porealtaassa tähtiä katsellen..

    Äitikin pyysi välittämään onnittelut 20-vuotis hääpäivän johdosta ♥ :)

    Hieno reppu Jayllä ;D

    Biisin melodia ihan hauska, mutta noi sanat ei muhun kyllä uppoa :)

  2. joo Alberta on kyllä joskus niin kaunis paikka että. merta ei ole mutta kyllä nuo vuoret on ihanii. :) ja todellakin mun kuvat ei tee oikeutta. kauniimpaa on IRL. eikö olekin makee pilvi niissä kuukuvissa? :) kiitos äidille. pitäisikin soittaa taas... reppu on ihku. :) jostain syystä tuo biisi on just nappiin mun huumoritajulle. :)

  3. Ihan kuin olisi Photoshopilla "maalattu" tuo taivas. Mieletön!


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