Tuesday, May 21, 2013

[couple of books I've read lately]

I recently read this book about people living underground in a huge silo due to toxic air on the earth. The book was intriguing as you tried to figure out why the people were in the silo etc. It was great to find a book with no swearing in it. Not! First you think there is no swearing but the more you read, the more swearing there is. Due to the verbal assault, I had a hard time enjoying the story as it continued. I think this book is actually a series of books. I'm pretty sure I read more than one book but wasn't paying attention to it as I read them as eBooks. The book will make a good movie one day. I just hope the movie will be PG rated.


This book is a story of a teenage boy who has Asperger's. Jacob is fascinated by solving crimes and ends up being accused of murder himself. You get to peek in on a family with a single mom who has two teenage boys, one with special needs. You get an idea what it can be like when someone in your family has Asperger's. There are quite many funny parts in the book and the story captures your interest nicely. 
That being said, once again I didn't enjoy the verbal assaults throughout the book. I really can't stand swearing anymore and it's painful to read so much swearing. I kept crossing out the swear words so that I can lend the book to my friends without them having to read the swears. Plus I don't have the greatest memory so one day I can reread this book without the swearing. I did enjoy the story otherwise and kept thinking one day they will make a movie out of it.



  1. Jodi Picoult on yksi suosikkikirjailijoistani. Harmittavan vähän hänen kirjoja on suomennettu, mutta onneksi luen myös englanniksi. Toivottavasti saan tuon kirjan pian käsiini, kiitos vinkistä!

    1. Netistä voi varmaan tilata englanninkielisiä ainakin. Ah kun saisi vaan valita kirjat ilman kiroilua. Muuten tykkään Jodin kirjoista.


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