Thursday, May 16, 2013

[which one would you choose?]


For Mother’s Day, my husband did something extra special this year. He sent me and Sienna for an adventure. He gave me 10 cards which I was to open as directed. First one took us to my favorite furniture store, F2. While browsing modern furniture, we were supposed to wait for a special guest. It was my mother-in-law who didn't have a clue why she had to come to the furniture store to meet us.

We opened the next card and found out we needed to go for lunch @ Cora’s which was a short distance away from the furniture store. We had a lovely lunch and then opened the next card. It told us directions where to drive. Once we got there, we opened the next card and we were told to go and get manicures & pedicures. We had a blast!

The day continued as we were directed to do other things too (shopping at Lulu Lemon…).

While waiting for our manicures & pedicures to start, we browsed a magazine with funky hair dos. We played the game “which hair style would you choose if you HAD TO choose one”. I thought it would be fun to do here on the blog too. Leave a comment to state which hair style you would choose. Just something sillly to do since it’s almost Friday. Be courageous and don't choose #19. J

My choices are #4 and #9. If I'd had to go all the way crazy, I'd choose #18. Wouldn't I be the coolest mom picking her kid from school or what? J

Don’t I have the best husband ever? How he comes up with these things, I don’t know. Now I need to come up with something equally good for Father’s Day. J


  1. I like #5 and #9. Those cards sound like SO much fun. What a creative husband you have!


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