Thursday, May 9, 2013

[Target stores in Canada]

My friends and I have been waiting for the day when Target arrives in Canada. The wait is over! There are now four Target stores within driving distance.

Today I was excited to go check out one of the newly opened stores. Well, turns out my excitement died quite a bit the more I browsed the store. Here are some reasons why:

Reason #1.   I have always loved Target’s branding (the red bull’s-eye logo and the famous Target dog) and the way they decorate their stores. There wasn’t “enough Target” inside the store. I might as well have been at Walmart. The usual funky store décor just wasn’t there. The only time I saw the Target dog, was in one of their gift cards, that’s it. Lame! I hope this was due to the fact that the store was just opened and they didn’t have time to do everything they should. To me, a big part of a successful shopping trip is to enjoy the surroundings.

Reason #2.   I didn’t find enough “different than the stuff I can find in Canada” stuff. Once again it felt like I could have been in Walmart, for example. Where was the Orla Kiely product line? Funkier clothes (I remember seeing Isaac Mizrahi’s product line last time I was in the States)? Doesn’t Target do that anymore? Carry various designers’ product lines? The only one I noticed was Nate Berkus’ home products. Some of his stuff was nice but I was just hoping to see more.

Reason #3.   The selection – the lack of it. I remember there were so many girls’ sandals to choose from, for example, last time I was in the States. Hopefully the lack of selection was also due to the fact that the store was just opened.

Reason #4.   The prices. Sorry but I did feel like the prices were better in the States. So what’s new, I guess. I just thought I had read that the prices would be comparable to the ones in the States. Maybe things cost more in the States now too and I’m not current with that. Hope so. If I’ll find cheaper prices in the States this summer, I won’t be happy.

All that being said, I’m still happy Target is in Canada now too. Hopefully I’ll find more unique items there in the future and it is nice to have another store to go to instead of Walmart etc.

Here are instagrams of some of the things I found that I liked. Yes, I’m the nerd who took pictures at Target. Things I do for this blog, I tell ya. J

1. I like this photo frame in which to put all your kiddo's school photos. $19.99
2. I liked these Nate Berkus silver/gray decorative pillows. I'd like them even better if they were bigger. $14.99
3. Cute chairs. $49.99
4. Cheap, black folding chairs. $9 - $10.

5. Huge tubs for ice & party drinks or toys. $19.99
6. Hammered metal bowls.
7. Party drink jars.
8. Silver place mats.

9. Cute note cards. $8.49
10. BIG glittery, silver gift bow.
11. Gray/white polka dot tissue paper. Also: light pink with white hearts (bought some).
12. I'd like it if they had nicer shopping bags. Love the logo. So many things you could do with it...

Want to see more of this guy!

I wanted some of these mugs. Sigh.

I did like some of Nate's stuff. Bigger pillows though, please, as mentioned before.

My best find was this super cute swimsuit for Sienna. Navy blue stripes, bright pink ruffles. Sienna fell in love with it too. She had to put it on right away and next thing I knew she was at the swings in the backyard. J 

Any US blog readers who could tell me if the prices match your prices? I'd love to know.

So there. My two cents on having Target stores here in Canada.

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