Friday, May 17, 2013

[dreaming and planning]

I’m so happy I can snap sunset photos from our new home too. This was taken from our bedroom window.

Saw this sign while we were on our Mother's Day adventure. 

I'm dreaming about gardening. Checking out the Vesey's catalog and visiting green houses. But I'm limited what I can do this summer. I have to wait and see what grows in the front yard before doing a complete overhaul of the yard. The flowerbed is very large and weirdly done. I'm going to save the plants I like and replant them where I want them (in front of the house instead all along the driveway). Then I just want grass where the flowerbed is now. 

I also have to wait before I can do anything in the back yard. Wait to see if we are building a new fence, a deck, etc. There are many tree roots all over the yard from the three huge evergreen trees we cut down. So can't do much in the back yard yet either. Patience isn't my strongest personality trait. Sigh. 
I want to plant berries and vegetables along the fence eventually. We need to do some sort of platform for the trampoline as it's difficult to cut the grass underneath it.

There is a long flowerbed (which the previous home owners had filled up with rocks) along the walkway to the front door. I want to plant Heather flowers only in it. But our hardiness zone is 3A and Heather flowers like 4. I need to do some research and see if I can find a variety that will grow in our zone. The Heather I want has deep purple flowers and they'd look gorgeous when there are many of them together. Kainuun tyttö olen kun tykkään kanervista niin.

I still love the pink lily of the valleys too. But they spread easily so I'm thinking of planting some in a large pot.

Hostas are great for shade. This yellow variety is kind of cool.

I don't eat corn but I love the colors of these ones.

How about a cute little house for the bees.

Happy Friday everyone! 


  1. That sky is amazing.
    Lovely flower choices. I hope you find a heather you can plant.

  2. Ymmärrän niin kanervan kaipuusi. Toivottavasti löydät sellaisia jotka selviytyvät alueellanne. Me ostimme mökin tunnin matkan päästä Oulusta etelään ja meidän mökin ympäristössä ei kasva kanervia, ei juuri mäntymetsää vaan on joki, peltoja ja haapoja. Eksoottista suorastaan Kainuun tytölle ;). Mutta kyllä vaan se sielu lepää aina kun Kainuuseen pääsee, ne vaarat, metsät ja järvet <3.

    1. Ihana on kun saa oman mökin. Suomessa. Ei ne mökit täällä ole sama juttu vaikka kyllä tietty ottaisin jos saisin. :) Oli ihana kun viime Suomi reissulla kävin mökillä niin enot vaimoineen, serkkuni ja siskoni lauloivat minulle Nälkämaan laulun. Sitten kun siinä sanottiin että raukat ne menkööt merten taa niin lauloivat sen tosi lujaa ja osoittivat mua sormella. :)


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