Friday, January 3, 2014

[Christmas wall calendar and Elf on the Shelf updates]

Happy 2014! J

December was a crazy busy month for me so I have been relaxing since Christmas and just enjoying time with my family. But I haven't totally forgotten about my dear old blog yet.

Here's the finished wall calendar. Something different that didn't take too much time to produce each day.

Elfie (Elf on the Shelf) left Reese's peanut butter cups all over the house on Christmas Eve in hopes that Sienna would have fun looking for them instead of waking us up too early in the morning. No such luck! She was up at 5.20am on Christmas morning, all ready to get Christmas started.

We are not sugary cereal kind of people in our house. Elfie fits right in.

Elfie made a marshmallow snowman. 
I just realized that I took the picture before I put the scarf on the snowman.

You can use any cross-stitch pattern with Hama beads.


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