Saturday, January 4, 2014

[gotta love a new daytimer]

Don't faint! Two blog posts in a row. Wowsa!

Just thought I'd share my 2014 daytimer with you. 

My husband is trying to help me see the light and to get me to use my new tablet for everything. But there's something about an actual daytimer that I just love. So for now, I'm doing double duty and keeping this calendar plus an online one which my husband and I use together to keep track of each other's life.

I loved my last year's modern daytimer but I couldn't find a similar one so this is what I ended up with. I've been buying Listography books for my friends as gifts and finally figured I might as well have my own, even if it's just a daytimer version. I write down what I do each day so it ends up being a bit of a journal for me too. Trust me, otherwise I'd forget what I did the day before. The weekly lists are an added bonus and will bring some fun into my every day life this year.

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