Saturday, June 14, 2008


Finlanders - Oikeesti. Kiitti Suville musavinkista.
Some Finnish music for you all (it's a love song). Make sure you first pause the music that normally plays on my blog. The video has nothing to do with the song.


  1. Toi sun mummostasi tekema sivu on aivan upea! Tosi hyva idis. Ja tosi natti pitsiliina :)!

  2. stina: Kiitti! Olin iloinen etta pitsiliinalle loytyi vihdoinkin kayttoa. Kaunis se on. Ei vaan mun sisustustyylia.

  3. i can't believe sienna has the patience and fine motor skills to do that bead craft! that's amazing! Mackenzie also loves playing with little things and organizing them into patterns/lines. she gets so excited when i tell her she can play with my hot rollers... which was probably a mistake considering they are all scattered throughout the house now!


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