Friday, June 27, 2008

siennan jutusteluja

Vasy/tired, onsku/happy s a n s k u eons ago it seems.
Wrote down a few things Sienna said today already:
"Mommy, I saw a cricket on the roof of our house." (when she heard a weird noise, she made this up)
"It's a patter-ren." (Sienna looks at her legs when something makes a pattern on her leg, f.ex. carpet)
"I don't want any socks on, I'm barefooting."
I also asked Sienna some questions today:
"What is something mommy always says to you?" - "Mmm, I don't know."
"What makes mommy happy?" - "Heavenly Father do." (I don't know how she came up with that answer but it really touched me.)
"What makes mommy sad?" - "Daddy." (What?!!!! :D Where on earth did she get this from? Not true, of course!!!!)
"How does mommy make you laugh?" - "Neck kisses."
"How old is mommy?" - "Three years old." (I think she started to answer questions for herself now...)
"How tall is mommy?" - (Sienna raises her hands way up in the air)
"What is mommy's favorite thing to do?" - "Tumping." (= jumping. Sienna is definately answering for herself now...)
"What is mommy's favorite food?" - "Chicken." (same thing)
"How do you know mommy loves you?" - (Sienna spread her hands way to the side = answered how much I love her)


  1. That's so great that you're recording all the cute things that Sienna's so easy to forget!
    cute pic, too!

  2. "What makes mommy sad?" - "Daddy." :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  3. Hellua. :) Hyvä idea "haastatella" lasta ja kirjoittaa vastaukset muistiin. Täytyy muistaa kokeilla omien lasten kanssa.

  4. So sweet! Super idea! Must do the same !

    ps; I love your bling bling layouts! ;o)


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