Thursday, October 8, 2009

{first snow and money down the drain}

yep, this is what we woke up to this morning. gotta love it. no use whining about it anyways. it's still hard to believe that couple of weeks ago it was still +34C.
i decided that since i can't avoid this white stuff, living where i live, i might as well embrace it. time to buy snow pants for me too. sienna had so much fun playing in the snow (and eating it :)). might as well join her and make the most of it. aren't you all proud of me for not whining and having such a super attitude? :D
for those of you who might be dreaming of a house of their own...
sometimes it's no fun owning a house. like when you have plumbing problems. that's what we've been dealing with for almost a month now. our main sewer pipe kept backing up (try to imagine what that is like, no fun i tell you that much). called a plumber right away when it first happened. $335 later we thought we'd be ok. wrong! jay then decided to snake it himself instead of paying again for a plumber. he did it twice as the problem kept persisting. all in the middle of trying to study for exams. we thought we were finally ok. wrong! last night the lovely old problem returned. so i called for a different plumber and asked them to auger it and then do a video inspection. $700 later - they found out that some kind of flap was blocking the way. they fixed it. hopefully that's it! they also found out that one part of the piping is sloped and water pools in there. i think it's on the city's side of the property line. i'm praying that it is on the city's side, otherwise it'll cost us thousands more for them to dig and replace the piping. jay will be able to tell when he gets home. i'm not 100% confident i'm reading the property report correctly.
so, if you are not a home owner and someone else is in charge of fixing your plumbing etc problems - today is the day when you can think "i'm so glad i don't own a home!". :D


  1. Tässä asiassa oon todellakin iloinen vuokralla asumisessa! Ei meillä olisi tuollaisia rahoja edes yhtäkkiä pistää johonkin remonttiin... Toivottavasti teillä rempat alkaa hellittämään jo!

    Lunta.. ♥ Mä ostin myös vuorelliset ulkoiluhousut viime vuonna (eivät tosin pidä vettä) ja ulkona on ihan eri asia nyt olla. Vielä voisi ne vedenekstävät housutkin hankkia, niin pulkkamäessäkin voisi olla kuivin pöksyin ;)

    Kiva nähdä sun positiivinen asenne!! :)

  2. Toisinaan haaveilen vuokralla-asujan "huolettomasta" elämästä, mutta toki on hyviä ja huonoja puolia molemmissa; omassa ja vuokralla.

    Voi, teillä on jo lunta!! Meillä vaan kuuraa ja pieniä pakkasaamuja. Mutta kyllä se talvi vielä ennättää tännekin ;D

    Kiitos tunnustuksesta <3


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