Sunday, October 25, 2009

{the help}

i read many books but only recommend the ones i really, really enjoy and have no garbage in them. this book has some mild bad language in it and quite a bit of taking God's name in vain. yet i still have to recommend it. i loved this book (minus the stuff i mentioned). i do cringe a bit while recommending it due to some of the language in it but i still have to tell people about this book. wonderfully written and a most interesting topic. i can't believe some people think they're better than others because of the color of their skin. there's still so much racism out there. books like these are poignant reminders of how things should not be. even though the topic is racism - this is not a depressing book to read. just so you know. ;)
this is kathryn stockett's first novel. she grew up in mississippi and her family has experience of "the help".


  1. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll add it to my "want to read" list.

  2. Voi on sita. Mutta myos ei yksin valko-tumma asteikolla vaan kaikissa variryhmissa. Mutta silloin kuulemma ei saa tai voi puhua rasismista, se on kulttuurieroja. hohoijaa!

    Yritan saada kirjan myos kasiini.Kiitos vinkista.


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