Tuesday, October 20, 2009

{gotta love fog}

today's been awesome! it's not very often we get fog here (too dry of a climate). today was one of those rare days. i absolutely love fog so of course i was very camera happy today.
late this morning we headed to downtown to pick up my new permanent resident card.
canada place is actually right on the outskirts of downtown, close to a yucky rundown area. jay and i used to deliver newspapers to newspaper machines in this area plus in downtown when we first got married. we saw all sorts of "interesting" things in this area. i'm glad we did that though as downtown doesn't intimitate me at all. i know all the streets and know where to go.
after i got my card, sienna and i rode the elevator again. it's a must when we go to canada place. the elevator is very fast and goes to the 16th floor. up and down we went many times. it's fun because one wall is a window so you can see out.
after that we went for a walk outside (away from the yucky area i might add) since i had paid for the parking for an hour. first we saw this big inushuk.
this pink building is the canada place. it's where i usually have to go if i go downtown.
a colorful art installation. it wasn't amazing but it was fun enough. the colorful wooden slats spelled "dream".

ex-president george w. bush is in edmonton and will be speaking at this conference center to all the rich people who can afford the tickets. i'd love to be there but i'd never pay the crazy amount of money for a ticket. it would just be interesting to hear what he has to say. why do people pay so much money to hear him speak, you know.

there were a bunch of kayakers on the river.

the rundown part of downtown includes the chinatown.
lots of eye candy today due to the fog. i even enjoyed the fall trees as i was wearing my sunglasses and everything was cute brown in color.
we stopped at our nearby pond on the way home. took more pictures so more to come. like i said, i was camera happy today. :)
ps. as usual, click on the pictures to see them bigger.


  1. Hienoja kuvia! Sumussa on jotain ihan taianomaista, eikö? :)

  2. You have an amazing eye for photography! What kind of camera and or lens(es) do you use? Your pictures are so impressive! :)

  3. chrysanthemum: thanks! my camera is panasonic dmc-zs3, lumix. small but takes really good quality pictures. i don't use special lenses. sometimes i like to take pictures through my sunglasses. i also use a program called photoscape (www.photoscape, it's free) and use their "bloom" action. it gives a nice glow to the pictures.


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