Wednesday, October 28, 2009

{fun for halloween}

what a fun costume idea! :D
if you haven't checked out family fun yet, you should. they always have fun stuff for kids.
siennalla edelleen nuhaa ja kotona siis vaan lorvitaan edelleen. alkaa kayda jo vahan kuivaksi mutta eikohan me jotain keksita ajankuluksi. sienna jo "meikkasi" minut ja mina sen. :)
mulla on hyva olo silla pystyin auttamaan kahta ystavaa viimeisen parin paivan aikana.
nyt kun viela kekkaisin miten auttaa jayta jolla on menossa kova stressi opiskelun kanssa. liikaa opiskeltavaa ja ei tarpeeksi aikaa. miten pystya venyttamaan paivat pidemmiksi?


  1. I love the pumpkin with bubble gum! And costume ideas that you can whip together last minute from things around the house are awesome. I'm all for easy in the costume dep't. Maybe as my kids get into their teens and are too cool for Super Heroes etc, they'll agree with me.

  2. i love the costume idea, although you wouldn't be able to do use arbonne facial mask, well you could but my face would be rock hard by the end of the night!!

  3. amy: simple is good. :)

    connie: i think you use face paints. :)


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