Sunday, October 11, 2009


happy thanksgiving!
it's actually tomorrow but we're celebrating today so...
thanksgiving is when people think of all the things they're thankful for. there are always the obvious ones - family, friends, health, home, faith...
i'm going to try and be a bit more specific today and come up with some sort of list that reflects my thoughts on this day.
i'm grateful for...
...18 years (today) of being married to an amazing guy whom i love more now than when we got married. i'm so grateful that i have always believed in marriage. i love being married. i love my most awesome husband who puts up with a very imperfect wife.
...a daughter who loves to do art and crafts. it would suck if she didn't enjoy it. :) in canada. of course i miss many things about my home country. but i honestly love living here. canada feels like home to me and i'm grateful for that.
...the internet and how it helps me to stay in contact with my family. i'm grateful for all the memories i have with them and love them all so very much.
...being able to stay home and be a full-time mom. not everyone has this priviledge and i don't take it for granted.
...the church i belong to. today specifically for the opportunities it gives me to serve others. our local food bank is in great need of food. more people go to the food bank as many people are struggling financially. but less food is actually being donated. our church has organized a food drive to collect much needed food. we picked up our 300 flyers and our flyer route today. first we deliver the flyers and then we go again later to pick up the actual food people hopefully will donate. it will be hours of volunteer work but i already look forward to the good feeling that will come from the service. our church has the perfect organization to get things done when things need to get done. i'm grateful to know that giving of yourself and your time makes you happy.
...yummy food! :) ikea's blueberry soup, nachos, oatmeal cookies (and for a little girl who loves to make them with me), nanaimo bars, homemade soup...
...a new thai fast food place at southgate mall. yummier than yummy food and great price.
...jay's mom who is making thanksgiving supper for us all today. it's great to get together as a family and celebrate special days together.
...any of you who take the time to read my blog and leave comments now and then. thanks for sharing my life with me. bed. i'm off to take a quick nap and to cuddle with jay and sienna. i am so tired. many poor sleeps lately.


  1. Sometimes the responsibilities of being an adult suck, haha. So sorry about your plumbing issues.
    But, I loved your positive attitude about the snow, and your list of things to be thankful for.
    Have a great Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, mmm turkey.

  2. Ja kiitokset Sinulle, olet tosi ahkera blogin ylläpitäjä :)

  3. Olit löytänyt paljon hienoja ja hauskojakin asioita, joista saa olla kiitollinen.
    Minä puolestani kiitän idearikkaasta blogistasi. Joku päivä pitäisi tulla selailemaan vanhempia postauksiasi, sillä tiedän, että siellä on ollut juttuja, joita olen aikonut toteuttaa.

  4. Hääpäiväonnittelut! ♥

    Ihana postaus!

  5. amy: yeah. why can't it just be fun, fun, fun all the time? :D

    satu: kiitti!

    clarissa: tervetuloa selaamaan arkistoja. toivottavasti loydat jotain kivaa.

    suvi: kiitti. <3

  6. Olen viettänyt yhden ja ainoan kerran Thanksgiving day´ta. Vuonna 1999 serkkuni luona Vancouverissa. Kivat muistot jäi :).


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