Friday, December 17, 2010

{crazy about kirigami!}

 certain person was shopping for christmas gifts while coming across this kirigami calendar. that certain person knew that she was supposed to be buying gifts for others, not for herself. but there was only one of these left. of course she HAD TO buy this for herself. you all agree, right?
some of life's greatest joys are so simple. this calendar was cheap, yet it will provide many hours worth of enjoyment to this certain person.
wait, what are you saying?
that you know that's our kitchen table in the picture?
that you know how much i looooove cutting paper snowflakes?
that i'm known for ending up buying gifts for myself while shopping for others?
who? me? i'd never do such a thing.
well, ok. it was me.
don't you agree though that not a big crime was committed here? there really was just one left and if you snooze, you loose, right?
needless to say that this calendar won't act as a calendar. it's calendaring days were over before they really even started.
i mean come on - who could only cut one of these per day? what were they thinking! (imagine me rolling my eyes)
here's just a sampling of the designs i get to cut. yes, even hearts and babies and doggies and...!! i bet you can barely handle all the excitement either. :D

did i mention how much i loooooove kirigami?
i do, i do, i do, i do!


  1. oh Sansku!!! You are sooo much fun!! i love you! I miss you!

  2. where did you find the kirigami kit?

  3. thanks connie! :) i found it at homesense. i bet you could order it online or something.

  4. Ihana! Ymmärrän täysin, että et voinut vastustaa kiusausta.


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