Wednesday, December 8, 2010

{martha's people, i tell ya!}

 what can i say? all you need to do is browse if you want to get christmas inspiration.
you know i like snowflakes so imagine my excitement when i saw these snowflake quesadillas. only martha's people would think of something like this. so simple to make and kids will love it. i bet other magazines will once again come up with a similar idea in the future. they seem to copy martha's stuff quite a bit.
 i love this! beautiful!
*lighted pinecone arrangement*
the only complaint i have about the martha stewart website is that it's a pain in the butt to try to find something you've seen there before. so use these names i type here if you want to find the instructions.
 *gingerbread-man wreath*
this looks simple but i can just see few people's nerves break when they try to keep the gingerbread-men from not breaking while doing this wreath or hanging it up. i also doubt that our cookies would look this perfect. solution? make it out of scrapbook paper! you can glue the paper on chipboard for durability.
 you'll never guess how these were made.
the name says it all:
*magazine christmas trees*
i bet we all have a stack of old magazines lying around. why not recycle them into these gorgeous trees.
 *bleached pinecones basket*
 *peppermint-candy place cards*
*matchbox advent calendar*
this brought back nostalgic childhood memories for me. i made something like this as a kid.
if you made this calendar to look a bit more "manly", you could hide lovenotes for your husband in it each day. awww! :) my friends.! :)


  1. Voi Sansku mä sanon, voi Sansku! ;D Tää toistuvasti puhuminen on niin hauskaa.

    Kivoja ideoita :)

  2. jep. aina toitotan asioista joista tykkaan. a broken record...

    laitan naita tanne itselle muistiin.



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