Monday, December 20, 2010

{this & that}

 one of our christmas traditions is to pile into a photo booth and get another strip of photos to add to our christmas tree. they changed the format from vertical to horizontal though so i need to do some altering with these.

 i've been hoping to find a new comic that i like since there's no more new calvin & hobbes being written. i might have found it. :)

 sigh. my brother&sister-in-law are here at the moment and they got to go to david "angel" archuleta's christmas concert. i'm just a tiny bit jealous. ok, i admit it, i'm quite a bit jealous. but i'm a big girl and i can handle it.
we'll have to take sienna to salt lake city sometime in the future during christmas holidays. the temple square is so gorgeous at christmas time with it's thousands and thousands of lights. what a magical place!
(slc images found via google image search)
here's an article about how much work goes into lighting up the temple square:


  1. Aivan ihana jouluperinne!! Tosi kiva sitten katsella, kuinka nako muuttuu vuosien myota, siis ulkonako :D

  2. I love all your pictures! and the first comic strip is hilarious!!! i was thinking the same thing about salt lake! maybe we should go together some year!!
    Happy Day tommorow!!


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