Friday, December 24, 2010

{last minute blogging before christmas}

 the cutest snowflakes ever!
yesterday we headed to the west edmonton mall after picking up sienna's cousin to go with us. sienna and her cousin had fun at the galaxyland amusement park. i think they went for rides and played there for five hours! :)the mall was packed with last minute shoppers. it felt good not to have to buy anything. jay and i took turns at the mall but i honestly didn't see anything i wanted to buy. even for myself. :) it feels good when christmas isn't about stuff.
mind you, i loved getting a laptop for my birthday. :D

people waiting to get pictures with santa.
today is christmas eve but our celebrations don't start until tomorrow so i'm still vacuuming and baking today. lanttulaatikkoakin pitäisi ennättää tehdä. we let sienna open one of her gifts today (kind of for a finnish tradition but not really).
wishing you all merry christmas and all the best for 2011! if you don't celebrate christmas, then i'll wish you happy whatever you do celebrate plus all the best for 2011. :)
Picture a stable in Judea.
Picture a sacred, silent night.
And can you hear
The angels near
And see the star so brigth?
Picture the little baby Jesus.
Think of his life and words so dear.
Sing praise to him;
Remember him,
As you picture Christmas this year.
(by patricia kelsey graham)
(wise men image via google image search) 

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