Saturday, November 7, 2009


today some of us women got together at church to make some crafts. we made three projects. one was this photo ornament. i actually just finished making it. i made mine a bit differently from the others. theirs were red/green and had cute colorful buttons on the picture instead of what you see here.
at the back i added some tiny number stickers to display the year.
the ornament is so simple to make. you need a 3" x 4" photo (or any size you want, even some shape than a rectangle), some scrapbooking paper (to cover the back), small piece of chipboard, some ribbon, bling bling or whatever you want to use to decorate it with.

another project was these hair decorations. another simple project. you just tie various ribbons to an elastic hair thingy.
the third project was cute "snowman soup" gift jars. i haven't finished mine yet but i'll post a picture when i get them done.
fun, fun. :)


  1. I LOVE Super Saturdays. Thanks for the hair ribbon idea, sounds easy.

  2. yep, they're super easy. tie, cute the edges. voila! :)

  3. what font is it that you used for the words shine and cute, i love that font!!

  4. connie: they are heidi swapp stickers. heidi's writing i guess. no font.

  5. Just a hint, burn the edges of the ribbon with a bbq lighter so they don't fray. That's what I do when I make hair bows.

  6. your ornament looks sooooo cute, sanna-miina! so glad you were there!!!


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