Thursday, November 19, 2009


love this flower headband but i could never pull it off. wish i could though.
i'm paying for my nature walk the other day. my legs are k-i-l-l-i-n-g me! gotta love fibromyalgia. :( could always be worse i guess...


  1. Have you ever tried dissolving Dead Sea Salt's in a warm bath to soak your legs? Wade did this after his 1/2 marathon and it helped his calf/leg cramps immensely! You should give it a try. You might be able to find these bath salts at a store like Winners in the bath and beauty section.

  2. Tosi ihana! ♥ Ei kyllä mun päässä enää olis niin kiva.... :D

    Voi sun jalkoja. Mulla työviikonlopun jälkeen aina jalat ihan tuusan nuuskana. Pitäis vaan säännöllisesti liikkua niin ei tulisi kolotuksia niin helposti.

  3. you could so totally pull off wearing that head band! geshhhh girl!!!

  4. I'm getting you one for Christmas!!!

  5. kristie: the pain is totally different than regular muscle cramps due to exercise. the pain is because my body stores extra phosphate unlike other people who get rid of their extra. pain is more severe than just your regular muscle pain after exercise. but it wouldn't hurt to try the sea salt thing. thanks for the tip.

    suvi: siennalle sopisi hyvin varmaan mutten usko etta suostuu pitamaan moista. mulla on kuntopyora ja kaytan sita suht koht saannollisesti. pitaa aina ottaa iisisti silla jos teen liikaa niin sitten on kauheat kivut. en pysty urheilemaan kuten normaalit ihmiset.

    kato nyt tatakin: kiitti.

    connie: i don't know if i could keep such a thing in my hair. i have a hard time having anything in my head. hats, hair thingys... plus i thought it's a bit prizey. so cute though! you're funny! :)


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